What if your home could help healing you?

Transform your home or office
into a living sanctuary that supports your health!

When illness strikes, it's normal to visit your doctor and question your diet and lifestyle, hoping to find the cause. Sometimes, even after a lot of investigation and effort, the problems remain, and the cause seems untraceable.

For most people, air, water and electromagnetic pollution is difficult to grasp. For many, if it's invisible, then it doesn't exist.

However, did you know that several odorless gases sometimes present in the air and water can cause unpleasant symptoms and dangerous diseases?

Did you know that the electromagnetic waves emitted by Wi-Fi routers, cell phone towers, cell phones and other connected objects, as well as the electrical system around you, are perceived by your body as stress?


What if improving your home or office could reduce or even eliminate your health problems?

Everything is connected, there are no borders between the environment and us. The buildings we live in daily are an extension of our body.

Several environmental factors are associated with disease: the presence of mold can trigger asthma and allergies, water contamination by heavy metals is associated with neurological problems and low IQ, radon contributes to lung cancer, exposure to radio frequencies emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices is associated with increased risks of brain cancer, as well as developmental, attention and reproductive disorders, etc.

Get an environmental quality inspection of your building and let's create together a living environment that could restore your health!


Have not regret, use wired technology.


Baubiology or "building biology" is a discipline implementing construction principles that respect the comfort and health of the occupants as well as the environment.