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Indoor air quality

Inadequate ventilation combined with significant sources of pollution can quickly create conditions thar can generate unpleasant symptoms as well as contributing to the onset of disease.

By measuring temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), total volatile organic compounds and radon over a few days, it becomes possible to know the quality of the air in a home and define possible strategies to improve it if necessary.

Whether the building is equipped with natural or mechanical ventilation, very often the ventilation is not adequate to treat all the pollutants present. The optimal strategy is to prevent the emission of pollutants at the source and also to ensure good ventilation. There are several strategies beyond the classic “air exchanger” that can help ventilate a building effectively.

Water quality

Municipal tap water contains several undesirable contaminants that can influence health in the short and long term.

The quality of the water in a well must be regularly monitored. Undesirable contaminants are often found well water as well.

Water filtration is one of the strategies to consider for creating the healthiest living space possible. Depending on your situation, several strategies are possible. We can guide you to make the best choice in your condition.

Building quality

Deficiency of certain building elements can cause poor indoor environmental conditions. Sick Building Syndrome is a well-known phenomenon.

When the appearance of symptoms is clearly linked to a particular place, and the symptoms disappear when leaving the place, there must be a cause at the source of these symptoms. It is then a question of inspecting the building as a whole, identifying the triggers, and implementing solutions in order to eliminate the sources of pollution.
Molds can poison the body and create acute symptoms. Sometimes obvious, mold is often hidden and difficult to see. With proper testing, our inspection can direct you to the right solution to fix the problem. In the event of damage, we can accompany you with the other building professionals you choose to ensure that the remediation will be carried out according to the rules of the art.

We can perform the necessary tests to prove mold contamination if a contentious situation requires it.

Electromagnetic waves

Detect, Measure, Mitigate

EMF Meter # ME3851A: For Basic EMF Detection Purposes

The inspection will allow you to see what you are exposed to and what are the safe limits proposed by building biology.

This assessment makes the invisible visible andconsists of identifying and measuring, using professional instruments, the 4 main sources ofelectro-pollution:

1. Pulsed radio frequencies

Cell phone towers and antennas on buildings, cell phones, new generation electric meters (smart meters), Wi-Fi routers, home cordless phones, tablets, computers, alarm systems, baby monitors, smart TV, home appliances, cars, watches, etc.

Image CEM enfant

2. Electric fields

Electrical wiring in walls, floor and ceilings, electronic devices, lamps, light fixtures, appliances.

3. Magnetic fields

Electrical wiring error, street power lines and transformers, your home's electrical panel and meter, electric motors, adapters, stray voltages on the plumbing.

MF image

4. Electrical pollution

Energy-saving light bulbs (compact fluorescent, LED), light dimmer, energy-saving appliances and electronics, and variable-speed motors.

The inspection pays particular attention to sensitive areas in your living environment, including the place where you sleep. During the hours of sleep our body rests and detoxifies. It is therefore important to keep this place as healthy as possible. Most of us use a computer for several hours a day. Our computer emits different types of electromagnetic fields. It is important, through simple and effective measures, to reduce our exposure to these fields as much as possible.

It is possible to act either by avoiding exposure, or by making modifications that will make it possible to significantly reduce the impacts of wireless technologies. An "electromagnetic cleaning" is possible so that everyone becomes an actor and a decision-maker in their environment. The notions of distance and duration of exposure are essential.

The inspection includes a detailed report of our findings as well as the most efficient and cost effective solutions to minimize the issues identified.

Remote assessment


For people who live far away, I offer remote electromagnetic inspection nationally and internationally by phone, email and videoconference.

The assessment of air, water and building quality generally requires an on-site visit, although it is possible on occasion to resolve certain problems remotely.

For a whole house remote electromagnetic assessment, the client sends the plans or a sketch of the house and photos. He will be advised towards the purchase or rental of measuring instruments at an affordable price in order to take readings of electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies and to help develop a mitigation plan.

The basic consultation lasts three hours. It includes a discussion to prepare for data collection, a data analysis and remediation meeting, and follow-up email and phone support for additional questions.

Pre-purchase / rental evaluation


Are you planning to buy or rent a house/apartment and want to ensure that its environment is safe? We can carry out a pre-purchase evaluation with special attention to air quality, mold, presence of lead pipes, and the impact of the presence of a high voltage power line, cell tower or electrical system issues.