What is electro-pollution?


Electro-pollution is a term used to define the man-made invisible fields that exist in our homes and surroundings. Here are the five main sources of pollution also called electrosmog:

Microwave or radio frequency type radiation is generated by cell phones and towers, home cordless phones, wireless communication: internet, games, alarm systems, baby monitor, smart meters, microwave ovens and others.

Magnetic fields are produced by high voltage power lines and electronic devices, electrical wiring errors, current on plumbing, electric motors, transformers, baseboard heaters, fluorescent lights etc.

Electric fields emanate from the electrical wiring system in walls, ceilings and floors, from all electrical/electronic devices, lamps/lighting system and household appliances. These devices or cables do not need to be turned on for an electric field to exist.

Electrical pollution (high frequency transient) is created by several energy efficient appliances and light bulbs that exist in our homes. These devices chop (cut) the normal flow of electricity to reduce consumption and can superimpose higher frequencies onto the electrical system.

Light vibration pollution is produced by the transmission of a “flicker” through light bulbs, computer screens, televisions and other light-producing devices and transmitted to the eyes. Our sight and our body are designed for natural light! Since the arrival of artificial light, people suffer from vision problems and neurological problems due to the transmitted frequencies.