Why do an inspection?

With the ubiquitous and ever-increasing use of wireless technology in everyday life, our homes have become dangerous places for our health. Prevention is always the best approach.
Electro-polluted house
maison électro-polluée
Electro-pollution free healthy house
Maison saine

Electro-pollution is a term used to define the man-made invisible fields that exist in our homes and surroundings. This pollution is also called electrosmog.

There are several sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) inside and outside your home and workplace that actively contribute to ambient electrosmog: electrical current from wires in walls, Wi-Fi signal from different sources, electric/magnetic fields from our electronic devices especially our computers, cell phones and tablets, cell towers, outside power lines etc.

Telecommunications information (telephone calls, e-mails, downloads, internet searches, etc.) was passing through only within an isolated wire until recently. The introduction of wireless communication now allows this information to flow freely through the air from transmitter to receiver as an invisible fog. Exposure to this electromagnetic fog can be harmful to health in the long term. The power of these waves exceeds hundreds of times the exposure limits proposed by building biology and by many international associations. Hundreds of epidemiological studies now establish a clear link between wireless exposure and different types of cancer, neurological and genetic diseases. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) itself has recognized artificial electromagnetic fields as potentially carcinogenic for several years. In the face of this evidence, caution is in order. Let's learn how to use our technologies more safely!

Want to make sure your environment is safe?